Life is hard, but it’s much harder without money. A busy week with overtimes can really wear you out. We all look forward to a single day of the week called “Day Off.”Others maybe planning on a trip, party or to a bar with friends, but some would like to spend the Day Off resting. Be sure you are getting the most out of your Day Off.

Listed below are suggestions that would refresh and renew that weary spirit.

Indulge yourself with a lengthy sleep.

Turn off any alarm that might disturb you in the morning. Put all gadgets to silent before hitting the sack. A glass of wine or milk will ensure a lengthy sleep. Stay in bed as long as you want. Do not worry about emergencies calling in, 911 is created for that particular reason.

Eat Breakfast like a king.

In the morning we prefer a fast paced breakfast preparation to avoid getting late or even skip breakfast in a pinch. Today is not that day, prepare a healthy and sumptuous breakfast that you are craving and enjoy it.

Take that long shower you’ve been longing of.

We really don’t spend much time in the shower before going to work, because it takes time. Spending more time in the shower gives you this refreshing feeling, stay in the tub read blogs and magazines or even put on music and take a nap, by the time you’re done you feel more relaxed than you can ever be.

Lazy times call for lazy measures.

Remember that TV series you’ve been wanting to finish. The book you bought but hasn’t been opened. That awesome movie your workmate is blabbering in your office. Now it’s your turn, be lazy and have as much entertainment as you want. In work we are always measured by our efficiency, but we never measure how efficient we are in Rest and Relaxation.

Go out and have fun.

Have walk in your neighborhood or at the park. Go trekking into the wilderness with some friends and families. A planned trip or even hanging out in the bar will boost not only your self-esteem but also your social life. Leave that phone on silent, social media is meant to keep friends closer, don’t push them away while you chat and ignoring them in real life. Have fun and drink or even binge on alcohol, but don’t overdo it.

In case you are planning to binge on alcohol, here some tips to avoid hangovers.


The best time to make love is when you are mentally and emotionally relaxed. The endorphin (happy hormone) you get in sex will eradicate stress hormones while strengthening your bond with your partner. Several studies state that sex makes life longer and good for our heart. An enjoyable activity that involves all parts of our body and mind.

No partner? Masturbate!

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